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Angry? Anxious? Don't know what to do? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

 Stop in and get happy with Julie Davis, Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist. This is a free, drop-in group where – instead of drinking – you will learn some useful thinking and go home with helpful tools rather than a headache or DUI. Every Thursday 6 – 7 pm.

 Details: Schedule may change without notice. Check website for updates. Please no children, pets, food, cell phone use. Arrive 5:45 - 6 pm to get a seat. Door closes at 6 pm and is not opened for late comers. Location: Los Gatos Recovery Center: 16400 Lark Avenue – Suite 350, Los Gatos, CA. Elevator available on first floor or use outside stairs to third floor.

 If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation please call 911. If you are experiencing a crisis and are in a highly emotional state, please check in with a local therapist, hotline, 12-step group. This group is intended to supplement current treatment and is not to be used to replace treatment or address crisis situations.     


September 19, 2017

Truth AND Consequence

Imagine walking down the road and encountering someone who says, Hey, come over here; I've got something for you. It will feel good, but then it will turn to poison and all kinds of bad stuff will happen. Your eyes light up with excitement. How fun! And you walk over to partake in the "something."

Imagine a child pointing with glee at something in the bushes. You walk over, see a coiled rattlesnake, and agree with her that it is fascinating and might be fun to play with.

Imagine reading a sign: Dangerous bridge. Do not cross. It looks shaky. There are crocodiles in the river below. Your friend says, Let's go across! and you go.  

Hopefully, you think all of that is nuts. But, if you struggle with making healthy choices, you might be editing out important information that leads to you (metaphorically) eating poison, playing with snakes, and walking on dangerous bridges. You hear truth: feel good... have fun...be together. So you overeat/sleep/drink/spend and later get slapped with the consequences to your choices.

This "editing" is not conscious; it's done quickly and automatically - usually overriding logic, rules, plans, promises. Trying harder, making "better" plans, gathering more information will not help if your brain is wired to edit important data in specific circumstances. It must be re-wired to view the complete picture - including consequences -as easily as you would when deciding what to do around rattlesnakes.

This week, I invite you to pair truth AND consequence by always asking a second (consequential) question when making a decision:

1.Do I want to feel good for a few moments? Yes!

2.Do I want to feel crappy later? No! Forget it!

1.Do I want to have fun? Yes!

2.Do I want to feel horrible later? No way.

1.Do I want to eat cheesecake? Absolutely.

2.Do I want to be fat, sick, broke, unhappy, miserable? Absolutely NOT.


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Looking for hours and supervision without living in?  If you are interested in learning and using Rapid Resolution Therapy with your clients, let's talk.  


We are always looking for 12-steppers with solid recovery, reliable car, leadership talents and management skills to join our team.  Day, evening, overnight hours available.  Minimum 6 months sobriety and AA/Sponsor  required for staff in recovery.  Join us! 


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